Latest projects from Wayne Parker Design


Following an enquiry to refresh and repurpose specific areas of Triple Seven, Wayne Parker Design set out to re-envision the interior of the 68-metre motoryacht. The project demanded a new owner’s suite on the upper deck alongside a complete refresh of the old and tired finishes in key areas of the yacht.


This design was developed for a client wanting to customise his 110-metre superyacht to better serve his needs. One of the main focuses for the project was the master en suite, which required carefully considered design solutions to breathe new life and useability in a discreet and yet practical way.


The W57 Speedster is a motoryacht developed with a client in mind looking to include multiple features within a 57-metre footprint, while providing an advanced interior layout to allow multiple spaces to be used simultaneously without impacting on other areas. With so many exterior designs in the market with swooping lines, we wanted to embrace a more angular look. The result is a modern classic look with a distinctive hockey-style shape towards the aft, which gives it a sense of length greater than it actually is.


The C-72 is a 72-metre superyacht project conceived by Wayne Parker Design with a striking exterior that demonstrates our ability and broad approach to deliver designs that work in harmony on the exterior and interior and within its ocean environment. The thinking behind the exterior was to design a yacht that is evocative and plays on shape and form with a balance in its design. Here we have taken inspiration from the futuristic look of spaceships.

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